The miraculous herb – Why is coriander oil so good?

Firstly, Chinese people believe that this plant is as key to immortality and tend to call it the ‘miraculous herb‘. Secondly, Hippocrates, the father of medicine, suggested using this plant as a remedy for almost all possible ailments. Thirdly, action of this herb was recognized even in ancient times since it was found in a tomb of one of Egyptian pharaohs. What is this mysterious herb? It is coriander! What are other features of this medicinal herb?



Coriander oil, alike the fresh herb, is an excellent source of numerous nourishing substances. Moreover, this extract contains a set of minerals (potassium, calcium, manganese, iron and magnesium) as well as vitamins like B (folic acid), B3 (niacin), B2 (riboflavin), C (ascorbate), A (beta-carotene), and K (phytonadione). Looking at this impressive composition, we can agree on that coriander is truly a ‘miraculous herb‘. Such a great number of nourishing substances is hard to find in other vegetable oils.


Coriander oil is the best natural protection against bacteria. It is powerful enough to neutralize such strains like E-coli or Salmonella. With the light of Portuguese scientists researches, up to twenty different strains of bacteria die thanks to action of pure coriander oil. How it is possible? Coriander oil destroys membrane of bacteria cells. Therefore, in other words, it eliminates the basic protection of a cell, which inevitably leads to its death. For that reason, coriander oil is not only perfect for treating digestive system disorders but also for antibacterial skin treatments (i.e. acne).

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Despite being an ally in bacterial infection, coriander oil is also a great beautifying substance. It strengthens human cells supplying them with proper nourishment and moisture – hair, fingernails and skin gain at most. They become healthier and more flexible. This strengthening action also deals with various ailments, which can be limited or even completely eliminated. Due to its action, colander can cope with daily blood sugar level disorders, chronic illnesses (i.e. multiple sclerosis), problems with cholesterol, hypertension, cancers and many more.


Indeed, coriander is a universal herb. Both coriander itself and the oil extracted from the plant can be used for cooking. Consumption of this herb affects health positively. Coriander brings nourishment once applied directly to skin, hair or fingernails. Certainly, coriander oil is one of these ingredients that can be used for producing homemade cosmetics and beauty products.