Coriander oil – How to speed up hair growth?

Weak, fine hair prone to falling out? Don’t worry, you are not the only one with this type of problem. More and more people in young age complain about worsening of hair and scalp condition. Fortunately, there exist natural and quite effective methods for speeding up hair growth. And it is commonly known that befriending the nature provides the best results. One of the ways to improve hair condition is use of coriander oil. It is obtained from seeds of coriander, plant growing in the gardens and meadows. It is rich in vitamins and minerals, that make the skin and hair preserve their good condition.

Coriander oil has beneficial influence on scalp and hair. It conditions them both on the inside and out. It consists of antibacterial and regenerative properties. If used regularly, reduces dandruff, limits sebum secretion and oily hair as well as regulates work of sebaceous glands. It strengthens both hair bulbs and the hair. Thanks to it, there are less hair left on the hair brush and scalp is not irritated. Streaks become more resistant to chemical (substances in hair dyes) and mechanical (incompetently combed or washed hair) damages. Coriander oil supports hair growth on their length and dense. It stimulates blood circulation in epidermis and make oxygen and nourishing substances reach hair bulbs much faster. On top of that, it deeply conditions.

How should you apply coriander oil to have healthy, long and strong hair? The most effective way is to rub in slightly warmed up cosmetic in the scalp with simultaneous massage. Thanks to this treatment, you not only speed up absorption of nourishing ingredients, but also stimulate hair bulbs to more effective work. Coriander oil can be used on dry hair. After 30 minutes to one hour wash hair with delicate shampoo. Hair and scalp can be nourished also on the inside. To do that, you have to prepare coriander brew or tincture. You need to ingest it prior to the meals. With the same potion you can rub scalp or use it for a rinse.

Can you make coriander oil by yourself? Of course, you can! After all coriander is a herb often cultivated in the gardens; equally easy is to purchase it in the grocery shop. How to make coriander oil? Crush handful of herb’s seeds, then boil them. On cooled down and strained seeds pour olive oil. Properties of coriander oil can be enhanced with other oils, like sunflower, rosemary, cedar or caraway seed. Just few drops of each of them will be enough.