How to replace Coriander Oil in hair care? What to use instead?

Coriander Oil is a quite popular product. It is obtained from an aromatic and tasteful herb that can be grown in your own garden. Oil extracted from this plant is valuable in hair care. It has amazing properties. Nevertheless, there are some other substances that could replace it.

 What are the properties of Coriander Oil?

Coriander oil is rich in nutrients. Among them, we can find fatty acids, antioxidants, potassium, calcium, iron and vitamins A, C and E. Such substances are beneficial for the scalp, and also for hair. That is why Coriander Oil is recommended for those who struggle with dandruff and hair loss. Moreover, the product strengthens the strands and makes them less susceptible to damage. Thanks to it, hair grows much faster, ends do not split, gain shine and are soft to the touch. Coriander Oil has antibacterial, soothing and regenerating properties. It may be helpful in the treatment of eczema, irritation, psoriasis or other scalp diseases.

Undoubtedly, Coriander Oil has a lot of beautifying and therapeutic properties. However, there are other oils with even better effects. We are talking about Castor Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, and Pine Oil. Castor oil is responsible for hair growth. Regularly applied to the skin stimulates hair follicles and strengthens bulbs. As a result, hair grows stronger and gains density. Evening Primrose Oil guarantees similar effects. Thanks to it, your hair will be more resistant to damage and harmful external factors. What is more, Evening Primrose Oil inhibits hair loss, prevents premature balding and greying. And what are the properties of Pine Oil? This preparation ensures proper pH of the scalp, helps overcome dandruff, regulates sebum secretion and has antibacterial properties.

If you do not have time to make Coriander Oil yourself (or maceration), simply buy a ready-made product. Which one to choose?

Oils you can use instead of coriander oil – try them all.


Beautiful hair with Nanoil for high porosity hairNanoil For High Porosity Hair is designed for damaged, dry and dull hair. If you often colour-treat, straighten or blow-dry your strands, it may be a good idea to test this cosmetic. What does Nanoil For High Porosity Hair consist of? It contains vegetable oils, including Evening Primrose Oil. This ingredient strengthens the strands, prevents overdrying and hair loss. The other ingredients in Nanoil are smoothing and regenerating oils, a set of vitamins, texturising ingredients, protective and growth stimulating substances.

What are the benefits of Nanoil For High Porosity Hair?

  • massaged into the scalp nourishes hair follicles, soothes irritations and stimulates hair growth;
  • regenerates split ends
  • provides the scalp and hair with many vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids;
  • you can apply it in many different ways: onto wet or dry hair, before or after washing / blow-drying, onto the entire hair length or only to the tips;
  • one bottle of 100 ml capacity suffices for several months of treatment.


Beautiful hair with Nanoil for low porosity hairNanoil oil is recommended for smooth and shiny hair but damaged at the ends and greasy at the roots. If you have a problem with creating your favourite hairstyle, washing and drying takes a lot of time, Nanoil is just right for you. What ingredients are contained in Nanoil For Low Porosity Hair? Pine Oil will maintain proper pH of the scalp. Also, it will reduce the sebum secretion from the sebaceous glands and eliminate bacteria responsible for the formation of dandruff. The rest of the plant oils take care of the proper condition of the strands, reduce static and enhance its beautiful appearance.

What will you gain after using Nanoil For Low Porosity Hair?

  • prevents the formation of dandruff and other scalp diseases;
  • smooths frizzy hair;
  • makes combing and styling easier;
  • the application of the product is very simple and fast;
  • natural ingredients will take care of your hair and scalp


Jamaican black castor oilTropic Isle Living is an oil that stimulates hair growth. Thanks to it, your hair will regain density, strands will be resistant to damage, and the scalp will be moisturised and nourished. What can you find in Tropic Isle Living Hair Oil? Its only ingredient is Castor Oil which stimulates hair growth regarding length and thickness. If you are struggling with other hair problems, this product will, unfortunately, not help you. Use it only when your falls out excessively or is weakened by frequent ???

How Does Tropic Isle Living Castor Hair Oil Work?

  • activates hair growth;
  • cleanses the scalp from substances that restrict hair growth;
  • protects and prevent damage;
  • protects hair from harmful external factors;
  • you can use it for hot oil treatment.


Bania Agafii ShampooThis is an exceptional hair care product. It is recommended to people whose hair is excessively prone to fall out and prone to damage. What does the shampoo from Grandma Agafia contain? You will find Pine Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil and herbal extracts. All ingredients are rich in vitamins, proteins, and minerals. The product works in two ways.

What are the properties of Recipes Grandma Agafia shampoo?

  • it strengthens hair and stimulates it to grow;
  • it cleanses the scalp thoroughly;
  • it soothes irritation;
  • it provides hair bulbs with many nutrients;
  • it moisturises hair and scalp.